Winter Bears!

We drew our bears on white drawing paper in pencil to start. I did a guide for them. Then added we add the texture for the fur by drawing lots and lots of lines with a fine point sharpie. Second graders colored in the eyes and nose with a thicker sharpie except for the little white highlight to create light reflecting off the bears eyes and nose.

Secondly, we divided the sweater in 4 parts and we decorated it creatting differents patterns.

And these are the results!

Christmas tree!!

2nd Graders made a nice Christmas tree in class!.

First of all, we did the shape of the tree cutting the “goma eva” in strips. After that, we made a few holes on the “goma eva” in order to pass the stick through.

At the end, we made the support with white clay and we decorated as we like it.

Finally, with modelling clay we decorated the christmas tree making the Christmas ornaments and the star.