Paul Klee Project

With 1st ESO we started learning about the artist Paul Klee and his art work. We focused in the “Castle and Sun” painting, paying attention on the lines colours and shapes.

We worked in pairs and we did our version of this painting with some conditions. Our painting had to have: a circle, an arc, triangles, squares, rectangles and a semi-circle. Moreover we had to paint it whether warm or cool colours.

Point Perspective

3th Graders learnt what a point perspective means. We learnt how to draw an acuarium. We started dividing our paper in four parts in order to find our point perspective, where all the lines end up.

Also, we learnt how to draw parallel lines in order to draw the squares of the floor.

Optical Ilusions

Sixth graders learned about Optical Illusions.  We created these simple designs, by dividing our paper into 12 sections and drawing lines that curved in opposite directions in each section. 

Students then created a color pattern within their “stripes” and shaded the outside edges of their stripes, to create the illusion of the sections curving outward.

Then we use a black colored pencil in the white areas to create shading and shadows, and a white colored pencil in the black areas to create highlights.


In our first day of class with the 6th grade we did a self-portrait. We learnt what a self-portrait means and we had to draw in our glasses something what we like the most.

These are the results!